Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's revival time !!!

wooh...wasn't that last post like an year ago...well 14 months to be exact...just that i once registered with enthusiasm and then forgot all about, that I'm interning at Bangalore at the end of my third year, and realise what true joblessness is all about, it's time i remove the dust from this blogspot account of was peaceful here at Bangalore till some spoilsport took the pain of finding out our grades back home at Chennai and told us abt it in the class mailing, slightly dampened...but hell, life's got more to it than grades. I'm here in the 4th floor of Oracle's Lexington Towers, Bangalore, refreshing the Inbox hyperlink every minute, downing a coffee almost every alternate hour, (ok...sometimes thinking abt my work here at Oracle), and then realised that blogging should help me out of this here is peaceful...i did expect Bangalore to help me escape from the hot, sultry Chennai; but disappointed actually. That too, today was one especially hot day out here. Whoever that famed lady luck is...well, thankful that most of the day goes off inside an a/c room...hoping it to call it a day soon, go to the room and watch a movie on my laptop...

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