Thursday, June 23, 2005

Life's getting boring....

Just hoping that the title isn't repulsive enough to take anyone away from this blog....Well, as a matter of fact, life at Bangalore is getting too routine...If internship could be like this, just wondering how I would be when I actually get down to some work later on...So, this is how a day gets spent "fruitfully" at the office here. Entry at 11:30 in the morning, to the 4th floor, and straight to the pantry (yeah, I haven't talked about going to my cubicle as yet)...the flavoured milk they have gets over quite, if I am lucky that day, I get to down one. Then make myself comfortable and start reading mails, the lion's share of the time going for tam_gumbal, one hopelessly jobless group of tams at IITM...The gumbal outdid itself in May, pooling in more than 7500 mails for the month...and curse google groups for putting up the top ten posters at the group site, it was one hell of hectic mailing for aspiring toppers in the turned out that the jobless guy writing this blog emerged the winner (collars up...)...So, come June, and a i-don't-know-from-where-it-suddenly-sprang-up burst of responsibility and enthusiasm made me decide that I put brakes on my gumbal mailing and do useful work in office...Now, you are going to ask me whether I actually did useful work after that....NO, that question is not allowed...nevertheless, I still do read quite a few of the mails...and having accomplished the arduous task of cleaning up my mailbox, you must have felt that I would need a cup of coffee...That done, I should make it clear that the others at internships aren't really quite busy as well...then, what are instant messengers for...Burdened with the self-assumed responsibility of ensuring that such ingenious technology never goes unused, enlightening discussions carry on the day till about 1:30 in the afternoon, leading to a realization that food isn't just for thought alone...after lunch, it is work interrupted by two sips of badam milk, one visit to the cafe for some juice and snacks, some mindless browsing, some mindful browsing, some hunting for music I was longing for, not to forget that tam_gumbal and other sources ensure that I get mails almost every five minutes, some walking around to spy about what the others interning were upto....Yeah, I did mention that I was working all the time, these were interruptions. You got that point clear, right? And then, the hard day's work ends with dinner at 8 or later, and then to the room...What a slogger I am...

It will be back to Chennai this ensures that I be there back at home once a fortnight...heard that Chennai is getting showers....What on earth...this isn't fair...I was happy that I escaped Chennai's heat by coming to this place is getting cold and Chennai's pleasant...some cosmic conspiracy...


  1. you started blogging again

    May the force be with you :D

  2. missing both of you in the gumbal
    we need to reach some 2000 mails in the next 6 days.