Friday, June 24, 2005

Travel time...

Two weeks at Bangalore and back to Chennai. I had actually planned to go for the next weekend, with two weeks after that over here before I bid adieu to Oracle. Mother really can do little when u repeatedly get called up and asked to try to come home, as you are missed...ok, attempt at lachrymal triggering...seems Murali is coming along with me...In the previous two trips, I was accompanied by Ankur, my fellow intern from IITM. The poor guy went last time to meet his project guide, who eventually didn't turn up on both the days he stayed at Chennai. Some of these project guides insist that their students stay in the lab instead of going for an internship, and his guide happens to be one such person...As a matter of fact, Ankur made full use of the simple observation that the project guide first needs to know that you are going for an internship before he can crib to you about it. I guess he realised that his futile attempts at trying to meet his project guide were only eating off his internship stipends. About murali, him, its worth writing a full blog entry...later...

Anniyan seems to have released online. Got to see it in PVR theatres at The Forum here, along with murali, sanjeev, ed and shrinivas. The story seemed to be slightly repeated, but the way it was presented was par excellence. And I really don't need to talk about the grandeur in Shankar's movies, he has really outdone himself this time. Just that we spent 100 bucks per ticket to end up in the third row from the front, so felt that it was too close for comfortable viewing...sometimes ended up seeing blurred images...guess it is reason good enough for me to go, probably with my family, for a second time...For guys not that ethically puristic, rips are online...I guess you get a 1.6 GB one at streamtamil.

Some music for the day...listen to the song 'mama mama - instrumental' from the album 'The Blast' by Yuvan Shankar Raja. There is a hilarious vocal version as well, that's exactly why I am recommending the instrumental one. Excellent piece of music, based on raga Aabhogi (now, how often do you find Yuvan churning out carnatic based songs), and excellently improvised. I guess this only strengthens my belief that many good songs never get popular (and many popular songs aren't that good as well).


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  3. Now, don't remind me of that Kapper of a guide