Saturday, May 20, 2006

When do I think?

(Yes. I am blogging again. After yet another gap of 10 months. Will I sustain it this time? I don't know, and will probably never. Well, it doesn't hurt trying once again, does it? :) )

The power got cut in the evening. For an hour I guess. With the lashing rain pleasantly surprising this temporary delhiite battered by the heat, the best option available to me was to close the door, and lie on the bed pondering. Pondering about what I need to do over the next few days. Pondering about my long term goals. Pondering about how to achieve them. Pondering about all the nice coding stuff I plan to do once in a while. Pondering about life. Pondering about how it meanders it's way through monotony. Pondering about how you end up forcing monotony by yourself. Pondering about addictions and obsessions which you thought you never had. Pondering over how much of your life is spent entertaining them and catering to them. Pondering about what had bid you goodbye disgusted by this monotony. An adrenalin rush to change life for the better. Pondering over whether such changes would be realistic. Pondering over nothing.

It is interesting to observe how many thoughts within you had craved for letting themselves out at the first opportunity of finding a state of mind not preoccupied by anything in this world. Time divides itself amongst sitting in front of the comp, daily chores, work, meeting with friends and an occasional outing. And thoughts turn helpless and mute, unable to find a slot in your schedule. In a way, god bless powercuts at nights. It forces upon you to be aloof from everything in this world, especially when you are unable to be detach from it voluntarily. It atleast reminds you of what you have trained to do as a homo sapien. Think. Think to improve. Think to rejoice. Think to live a life. Think again. Think twice. Think.


  1. well power cuts are nice.

    but dailye thoongarthuku bed-la padutha indha maadiri, thoughts varum-nu sila per sollikara. i dont know what that is...

  2. @bhaand: Perhaps so if you are an insomniac. I sleep only when I feel sleepy. And I achieve that soon after I hit the pillow :) So, that leaves little room for thinking...

  3. See da ramu, the only way you are going to learn and improve in life is by Writing. There is no point posting one blog after another about your dreams of doing something big ( I mean write a sood blog :P). The only way out is by Writing

    In the light of the recent plagiarising controversies,
    me sa Acking Govi :D

  4. nice one... i am waiting for ur next one!

  5. lol@shrini and damn the computer and electricity!

  6. damn the previous post too... it was me!