Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Legend of the Sporting family

(Had once upon a time during my IITM days submitted this for a limerick competition. The first paragraph was given and was asked to continue from there. What carries this format is the quintessential silliness it potrays!)

Adi-dasa the ever-ambitious sadhoo,
Burnt his feet walking the fire-bed through,
So the next time, he ran on the coals,
With hidden padding on his soles,
And invented the first ever sports shoe.

Made of fish from the best of the clan,
With scales dried spick and span,
The shoes took him to many a race,
Where all his rivals just couldn't keep up pace,
And in no time became a popular man.

However deeper analysis made experts think,
Theory of shoes insulating had a chink,
Photos of Dasa running revealed,
Reason behind the magic on the field,
What pushed back the rivals was the stink.

Whatever the theory, Eer-kob was aghast,
His supremacy was now a thing of the past,
Thought he, Adi's image he had to marr,
So he proclaimed him a poli saamiyaar
As having used fish, he must be an outcast.

With stony followers fled our hero Dasa,
Lest he be made into batter for dosa,
One such follower got under his shoe,
And with greater speed he flew,
Roller skaters! He got the funda.

With similar fate met Kai-nee,
For once when playing with glee,
"Duck off", she alerted, noticing bees at the edge,
Only to be misheard as the game's first sledge,
The disgusted populace threw her out for free.

The two soon came into contact,
Similar interests had them attract,
A nuptial knot soon became clear,
And they soon had Adi-doosa, their junior,
But still with the town, they needed a pact.

The family roamed around the jungle,
Thinking over undoing their bungle,
One such day in a forest rot,
Munching leaves as food for thought,
The junior felt that something had him tingle.

Soon a lion chased him down the slope,
And Doosa ran like an antelope,
To his father's town, safe and sound,
But with no skaters or shoes around,
For now you know who discovered dope.


poli saamiyaar: [Tamil] A deceiving (rogue) sage - poli - false, saamiyaar - sage


  1. Hey Can we sit in CCD for u to explain this poem to me ? [:)]

  2. Awesome!
    Limericks may look easy, buts its tough to make them rhyme ...and make sense at the same time.
    Lol..on aamiyar theme though.

  3. @goda: sure! ah.. those days...

    @nivi: uh.. well.. blame the air.. :p

    @bulbing-lady: well.. yes.. you see, half the job is done for me by the virtue of my blog title :D