Friday, May 09, 2008

Ominous Sign #2

It's a hard day back from office.
You get up the escalator at London Bridge.
An advertisement by the side catches your attention.
"Please be careful, No. of injuries on escalator last year: 1024"
Your face brightens up, and you get excited.
Then you realise that you are supposed to get depressed
And conclude that you have been programming too much.


  1. I bet u r... 1024 struck a bell only after you mentioned about programming [:D] which means I am safe [:)]

    PS:Some jealous souls may say I bulb [:P]. I would advise them - stop programming too much.

  2. yeah.. its almost like you know 512 and 1024 more than 500 and 1000 :D

  3. :) I always feel cheated after coming from grocery shopping (Where is the remaining 24g :( ?)

  4. @saru: They were consumed by meta-grocery :p