Friday, June 27, 2008

Sydenham. This is Sydenham.

Technology affects our lives in subtler ways than what we expect. As I was walking back home after yet another day at office, ruminating over the monotony and the rigid structure that daily life imposes, it struck me that this big monotony had subtler monotonies built in. It's like formalizing and lending predictability to an layer of living, beneath an another layer, beneath an another, and so on.. A good example of this subtle monotony is the recorded messages we here everyday. I guess living in a developed country has more of this. Those messages probably give no information to you by now, like these five I hear...

Sydenham. This is Sydenham. The train now standing at platform two is the O Seven Eighteen Southern service to London Bridge via Forest Hill. Calling at Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park, Brockley, New Cross Gate and London Bridge.
Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.
Fourth Floor. Going up.
Welcome to Topupnow. For your account balance, please press star. Please enter the number you want to dial, and finish by pressing the hash button.
Welcome aboard the Southern service to Caterham. Calling at New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Penge West, Anerley, Norwood Junction, East Croydon, South Croydon, Purley Oaks, Purley, Kenley, Whyteleafe, Whyteleafe South and Caterham.
Probably these sound new to you, but you too would have some messages which ring in your ears day in and day out. They have a purpose, of informing people. But perhaps none to you, but for probably reciting along with the recorded voice as a time pass. Monotony. Makes things less valuable, doesn't it?

If you reached till here wondering what this post tried to tell, join the club. Oh well, you really need a purpose. Could you please explain to me why the first message starts off the way it does. Something like telling someone his name. Has kept me wondering for a long time. Any guesses?

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