Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life, we have a problem...

You make me cry to start breathing,
I learn how to get people to notice me,
And I chuckle with a sense of satisfaction.

You keep me from standing on my feet,
I learn to take support from the walls around,
And I run with a new found freedom.

You make me feel anger and resentment,
I learn to see an alternative point of view,
And I find a new sense of calm around.

You test me for how hard I can work,
I learn to look at the light far away,

And I finally reach the end of the tunnel.

You hide from me many pleasures of life,
I learn to relish the ones I am given.
And I sleep with a content smile.

You perplex and confuse me,
I learn to look deeper into my environs,
And I make myself a wiser person.

You remove many pillars of support,
I again learn to stand on my feet,
And I am blessed with an strong mind.

You show me what love could mean,
I learn what it is to care for someone,
And I gain a heart that lives for me.

You thrust me into the worst of conflicts,
I learn how to balance on a long thin rope,
And I begin to feel a sense of judgement.

You hang before me a veil of despair,
I learn to somehow wade and tear it apart,
And I am reassured that optimism works.

You shake and shred my sense of security,
I learn to search for my ultimate protection,
And I realize the presence of God.

You strip me naked, and try sucking me out,
I learn to hold on to what I need the most,
And I discover what I am really.

You leave me at the dead end of a road
I learn how to go back and compromise,
And I gather maturity along the way.

You slowly drain me off all my energy,
I learn to make use of what is left,
And I feel what it is to smile.

You would end it all by killing me off,
I would finally learn how to lead a life,
But I will not be living to use my knowledge.

Pray, why didn't I stay ignorant and chuckling?


  1. A really apt chronicle of the path of Life. Nice one!

  2. @sameer: thanks! :)

    @bulbing-lady: confounding, so as to say :D

  3. sweet post. BTW houston is too deep in the waters to offer help (as a response to the blog title)

  4. oh! then its Houston which has a problem! :D

    Thanks, Bulbe! :D