Friday, May 30, 2008

Thoughts of the day

No, I am not going to put philosophical or humorous quotes from various known and unknown people now. If at all, I like to make themselves up. Actually they come up by themselves, in the midst of chatter with friends. Perhaps will make a post out of them as well in the future. (end digression).

How many times have we stopped to think about how many thoughts are going across the world at any instant of time? Perhaps a few billions of them? Isn't it just amazing how diverse the emotions and topics involved could be? Well, at least I had not thought on such lines till I got to see this site. Hmm, may be once before, when PostSecret did something similar: started bringing out the darkest of human thoughts to the open. They were shocking, or funny, or outrageous, or sometimes a combination of all; but they gave an idea of what all a human could possibly think of.

Seeing that these are real thoughts of real people out there in this vast world, you just can't help but feel awe of all the different emotions that humans are capable of. So many things to bother about, so many people in our lives, so many phenomena, so many activities! Phew! Awe. Yes, that's the word. Perhaps you are just amused at my child-like colon-wo-ing, so as to say. Or may be you will agree. Or perhaps you are thinking of something I might not have ever imagined. Sites like this make you think that the latter could be quite probable, don't they?


  1. Strong site. A similar, more picturesque variation is at

    But there's a strong selection bias there, don't you think? What about all the guys who never use Twitter? Is there something that we're missing entirely?

  2. Perhaps it is a small set... But Twitter perhaps the largest public collection of human thoughts as they occur, I would guess :) Actually, I was surprised myself at the variety of people it serves, after seeing this site!